Saturday, February 12, 2022

Livonia Franklin High School, 31000 Joy Road, Livonia, Michigan 48150

Deadline for Entry Fee = Friday, October 29, 2021

District SOLO Application Form
District ENSEMBLE Application Form

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Solo & Ensemble Festival is a very important part of the bands curriculum at Arthurs Middle School. Hosted by Livonia Franklin High School, the Michigan School Band & Orchestra Association (MSBOA) District XII event allows participants to perform before an adjudicator either as part of an ensemble or as a soloist. Events receive ratings from I - V, with I being the best. Each event receives written comments from the adjudicator, and often receives a mini-clinic. Medals are awarded to events which receive I or II ratings.

Arthurs Band members are strongly encouraged to participate!

Mr. Kopera has a great deal of ensemble music available (just ask), while solo pieces can be chosen with the help of your private teacher. Students are encouraged to put together duets, trios, quartets, and quintets. Mr. Kopera is often available after 7th hour to guide and encourage these small ensembles. Soloists and Ensembles should be aware that their music must be prepared and practiced outside of the regular classroom.

2021–2022 FEES

$10 for Instrumental Solo, with or without piano accompaniment
$20 for Piano Solo (piano only)

$8 for EACH member of an ensemble
(for instance, the TOTAL fee for a quartet is $32)


Mr. Kopera will notify students when and where their event(s) are scheduled about 10 days before the District Festival. It is the student's responsibility to get to Livonia Franklin High School well in advance of his/her earliest performance time. Arrival at least one hour before the earliest scheduled warm up time is encouraged.

Students may perform in three events. The minimum time allowed for each event is 1 minute 30 seconds, maximum seven minutes. Repeats, D.C.s or D.S.s may NOT be added to the music to meet the minimum time requirements.

Each soloist or ensemble must provide the judge with an ORIGINAL score (NOT A PHOTOCOPY) with each measure numbered, or no rating will be given. If a full score is not published, a condensed score will be accepted. If no score is published, it is the responsibility of the event to make one. See Mr. Kopera for clarification.

All events must be accompanied if an accompaniment is written, or no rating will be given. Students needing accompanists should contact an accompanist NOW. Anyone may act as an accompanist. Fees for accompanists vary widely — make sure you know how much your accompanist charges. Some have one fee for rehearsals and performance, others are paid each time you meet. Recorded or electric (i.e., synthesized accompaniments) are not allowed. Piano solos with orchestral accompaniment must be performed without that accompaniment.

Each student is limited to three events. Make sure you know your performance and warm-up room numbers. All events will be called from the warm-up room approximately 30 minutes before their scheduled playing time.

Solo & Ensemble Festival Day Expectations

To receive a rating, you must have an ORIGINAL part for the adjudicator, not a copy. For solos, it is best to provide just the solo part. For ensembles, you must provide a score. A "score" is defined as a vertically aligned set of all parts being played in the ensemble, where all parts can be read simultaneously.

The adjudicator's score must have the measures numbered. Number straight through and do not count incomplete measures (pick-ups, etc.)

It is also wise to number the measures of your own part, in case the adjudicator refers to particular measures or you and your accompanist/partners must stop and re-start part way through.

Label your music and adjudicator's score with the following information: school name, your name, section number, and event number. This is to help with the return of your music. Use pencil.

If you are making cuts or playing only certain movements, etc., note this clearly on your music.

Look nice, neat, and well-groomed. Jeans, tennis shoes, etc. are not appropriate. Dress up and make a professional impression; stage presence is an important part of any performance. Look your best. This also demonstrates respect for your own preparation and for the festival.

Minimum 1 minute 30 seconds, maximum 7 minutes. Time your piece! Below this time limit = no rating (comments only). If your piece is quite long, the room chairman might stop you before the end of your piece in order to provide time for written or verbal comments. This does not affect your rating.

Breakfast items, lunch, and snacks will be available for purchase, usually in the high school cafeteria.

Bring your copy of the Arthurs schedule of events and map. Check your Warm Up Room Number (section number), Performance room number, and performance time.
Make sure your accompanist is well-informed regarding site and schedule.